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Disc brake servicing

Full bleeds, hose replacement, piston replacement, cable change, disc & pad deep cleans covered for most major brake brands. High quality fluids used and extra care taken to remove all air in hydraulic systems. Prices are per brake.

Servicing options :

Hydraulic brake bleeds

from £35

  • Replace old brake fluid with new

  • Full bleed of system to remove all air

Mechanical disc brake cable replacement

Deep clean of disc and pads

  • Deep clean to remove contamination from discs & pads

  • 50% discount if included with brake service

  • Heavily contaminated pads may need replacing

Anything else

£40/hour + parts


  • Replace inner and outer cables

from £35

Hydraulic brake piston replacement

  • Strip brake caliper or lever

  • Clean & inspect all internals

  • Fit new seals & piston

  • Reassemble

  • Bleed system through

from £75

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