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Suspension fork servicing

Whether you need a 50 hour lower leg service or full 200 hour damper service, we have it covered for most of the major brands, including Rockshox, Fox suspension, Marzocchi, Manitou, Ohlins, MRP, Suntour, etc. We can advise what needs doing and only use the highest quality seals and oils throughout. Note: Forks supplied fitted to bike will incur an additional £20 charge.

Servicing options :

Std 50 hour service

from £40

  • Remove lower legs

  • Clean out all old lubricant

  • Inspect seals & internal surfaces

  • Re-assemble with fresh lubricant

  • Seals can be added to the above
    for an additional charge                                                
    from £30

from £100

Std 100/200 hour service

  • Remove lower legs

  • Disassemble air spring/coil spring & inspect

  • Disassemble damper & inspect

  • Rebuild air spring/coil spring with new seals & lubricant

  • Rebuild damper with new seals, oil & lubricant

  • Rebuild lower leg assembly with new seals & lubricant

  • Some Fox forks not covered

Rockshox Debonair 2021 seal head

As part of standard 100/200 hour service

As part of standard 50 hour service

Upgrade only would require standard
50 hour service as a minimum


Travel increase/decrease

New air spring & standard 50 hour service

Damper cartridge change

Upgrades :




From £95

New damper cartridge fitting
& standard 50 hour service


From £125

Anything else

£40/hour + parts

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