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Suspension setup

Whether you're at a complete loss when it comes to suspension settings or want to refine the settings you already have, these dedicated sessions will give you settings tailored to YOU and give you more balance and confidence on the bike. I'll also explain what the settings do, and give you settings for different terrain & conditions.

Setup options :

Workshop/carpark setup


Ideal for people with new bikes and little experience of setting suspension, but want to fiddle themselves once the basics are set. This 45 minute session, in my workshop, includes:

Data acquisition setup

Ideal for racers, downhill or enduro, wanting a bit more out of their suspension. We use Motion Instruments data acquisition equipment to analyse fork and shock travel, compression shaft speeds, rebound speeds and front/rear balance to give optimal settings for speed and comfort at speed. This 7 hour session, on a trail of your choice*, or my test track, includes:



4 hour 'on the trail' setup

  • Air pressure set to give the correct sag front and rear

  • Rebound set in relation to air pressures

  • Advice on volume spacer requirements

  • Advice on compression damping settings

  • Print out of settings and recommendations


  • Attachment of Motion Instruments sensors to your bike and accurate measurement of sag front and rear. Alternatively, your bike can be delivered to me 24 hours before session for fitting of sensors. This will maximise riding time during the session

  • 6 hours riding to get good sample data for analysis. The trail needs to be as long as possible. Shorter trails (less than a minute) may need multiple runs to gather meaningful data

  • Data is analysed by me, or can be done in conjunction with your mechanic if you have one

  • Settings changed, based on data and rider feedback after each run to improve setup

  • Best front and rear balance and rider-preferred settings obtained

  • Print out of settings and recommendations for different trail conditions (steep tracks, wet, cold, jumpy, etc)

Ideal for people without any settings or bikes with a high and low speed compression and/or high and low rebound adjustment on the forks and/or shock. This 4 hour session (morning or afternoon), on a trail of your choice* or my test track, includes:


  • Some car park setup to give proper/accurate setting of sag for your weight, front and rear and set neutral damping settings

  • 3 hours riding the same trail again and again and using a 'bracketing' technique to set:

  • High and/or low speed rebound damping

  • Volume spacers (additional cost for volume spacer supply applies)

  • High and/or low speed compression damping

  • I change settings and you just tell me better or worse and give feedback in general terms. You don't need to be an expert, I will interpret your feedback in to setting changes

  • Print out of settings and recommendations for different trail conditions (steep racks, wet, cold, jumpy etc)

* Additional charge of £0.30/mile to riding venue outside a 15 mile radius of Thatcham, Berkshire. Enquire for price